1 –  Auto tone in Lightroom

The auto tone section of Lightroom gives you are really great start to your editing process in Lightroom. You don’t have to accept the results, just reset after but use it as a guide. 

2 –  Angle tool in the Lightroom

Inside the top tool there is a little thing called the Angle Tool. Essentially its a line that you can draw along the horizon on any straight line and your image will be horizontally or vertically aligned. 


3 – Crop overlays

When you are cropping you don’t just have to have the simple grid as a guide. You can cycle through multiple overlays bu using the ‘o’ key. its that simple. how does shift + o and you can rotate the overlays too. 

4 – Add focus using the Lightroom radial brush

This one is pretty amazing. Just use the Lightroom radial bush and turn the sharpness down to -100 this actually blurs the photo. Then paint out what you want to stay sharp.Duplicate the effect to make it more visible,  its pretty amazing actually. see the results in the video. 

5 – Reset specifics

Simply double click on the name of any slider and it resets it to 0. This is a really quick way to rest easily. You can also turn whole sections off by using the toggle to the left of the module title. 

6 – Quick before and after using /

Lets make this a short one. just hit \ to turn off your edits and hit it again to turn them back on. This doesn’t change or erase the edits it only hides them . 

7 – Luminance

One of the most powerful features. this looks at the lightness or reflective to light a certain color range is. By using this tool you can easy effect trials of an image that contains certain colors. Skies, trees and skin tones LOVE this tool. 

8 – How to draw straight lines in Lightroom Classic

Yes its true, Lightroom CC Classic allows you to draw perfect straight lines. Just hold shift wen drawing in any of the local adjustment tools and click again and your done. A perfect line between the two points. Keep holding and clicking and the lines continue to be joined. 

9 – How to use Lightroom Virtual copies for speed

Create multiple copies of the same image without duplicating it on your HD. That means more variations and without wasting more space. great for delivering multiple edits of the same image. 

10 – Use Lights out (L)

Give yourself more focus when you are editing by using lights out mode in Lightroom. Just hit ‘L’ and the everything but the photos go dark. amazing little trick to get rid of clutter in an instant.