Advanced Lightroom Tips for Professionals – 10 Lightroom Tips For Awesomeness

This Lightroom tutorial for professionals video gives us 10 things to think about each time we use Lightroom CC. This advanced Lightroom tutorial gives us some great Lightroom CC tips to think about to up our game. You may be surprised that these advanced lightroom tips for professionals are things that we should think about each time we want to edit a photo in lightorom. This is a Lightroom top 10 list and a great quick and easy watch. These things are not crazy rocket science but could change the way you think about editing in Lightroom CC. These are also great for Lightroom CC tutorials and other versions of Lightroom.


The best camera backpack EVER!
My Main Camera
My Vlogging Camera
The Las Mic I Use
On Camera Mic
My Presets
The Nikon lens that does magic
Best wide angle lens
The everything lens
My Little drone
The BEST Gimbal ever

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