If you like to shoot studio photography or maybe use strobes on location you will probably have heard of the company Broncolor. They are up there with some of the best when it comes to quality and consistency of lighting. Although their equipment comes at a pretty high price (but well worth it) their ‘How to’s’ and ‘Tutorials’ come for free. It is important to know that the ‘tutorial’ section is just demonstrating how to use the different Broncolor products. I will focus on the ‘How to’ section.

Over the past few years they have been adding new features to their site to help photographers get the best use out of their products. A great thing to remember is that you don’t need to own Broncolor lights to use these tutorials, you can use any brand to get a similar effect. You will just need the correct light modifier.

They have a section called ‘Shoot this Photo‘ where basically you can see a photo and then they tell you how to make it. Its a great idea although the information is a little weak and for such a great company its not presented in the most exciting fashion. For me the most interesting help is the four videos presented by British photographer Karl Taylor. These videos give insight into the actual real life set ups and guide you through the process of creating at the image. Although there are not many of these you can easily see how you can use the techniques in many situations. For me the biggest problem is that their choice of shot just isn’t very interesting. They are not the best examples and therefore do not really inspire me to want to recreate them. Maybe they just wanted to use examples of a range of lighting effects, but they could still use exciting examples.

Although ‘Shoot this Photo’ is a great idea to inspire photographers I think there are far more interesting and exiting places to find this information. Its a nice little feature but by no means a game changer.

Would I use this feature to get inspired, no. Would I use it to look up a technique for a shoot, maybe, but only maybe.