CES 2018 – NIKON Robots, Canon SUCKS and I may buy a SONY A9!!!

I had a blast at CES 2018. I checked out the new Nikon 180-400mm and even had a ride in a self driving car. These are all the things I got up to.

  1. Hands on with the Nikon Nikon 180-400mm review.
  2. Shooting dancers with the Sony A9 focussing system, its AMAZING.
  3. Canon created the most boring event space at CES
  4. Polaroid was fun awesome and the OneStep 2 is a definite buy.
  5. LG TV’s are incredible. – Samsung Wall looks great but I wasn’t allowed to film, weird.
  6. Nikon had robots…. they were amazing.
  7. TVs that actually look like photo frames. Thank you Frame TV
  8. Lots of techie cars. but they had a Jeep Wrangler 2018 so that made me happy.
Photoshop Lasso Tutorial

Photoshop Lasso Tutorial

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