Earlier this year Orms of South Africa developed its last roll of slide film using the E6 process, proof the digital has won the battle between analogue and digital. This wonderful short documentary shows the last moments of the dying E6 process. 

“At the end of February 2014, Orms, one of the most well known professional photography stores and film processors in Cape Town, stopped processing slide film (called the E6 process). Two photographers were asked to use the last few rolls of slide film to be processed here. While there, we met another photographer who only shot on slide film. This is their story about the end of slide film.”

You can see a selection of the last developed photos here.

10 Things To Know About The E6 Developing Process

  • Used to Develop slide film
  • Kodak Process
  • It is a chemical process
  • Uses – first developer, colour developer, BLIX, and stabiliser
  • Requires 6 Chemical Baths (Can be done in 3 if mixed correctly)
  • Temperature control is vital
  • Requires a dark room. This can be made in any completely black room. The use of a dark bag is also Ok.
  • Used in all formats, 35mm, medium and large format.
  • It feels so good to successfully develop film
  • Hard to find anywhere that does E-6 Processing anymore. Online is easier but not cheap.

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