Our 5th Featured Artist is the talented Nicole Luneburge who answered questions exclusively for PhotosInColor describing her work with Elle Frostguard.

Q. Who you are and how you got into photography:

I was born in Australia, however spent the majority of my life overseas, traveling mainly between China, India and Philippines.
Growing up I always wanted my own camera, but wasn’t allowed. This is before digital cameras came out and film + processing cost money ūüôā

I bought my first SLR a few years ago and have been hooked ever since!


Q. About this project:

This project was for crazy talented Swedish designer and model Elle Frostegard to showcase her latest designs.
She had been on Swedish Project Runway and Swedish Next Top Model, I felt very honoured and it was a very exciting shoot.

Also crazy talented was the makeup artist Tetiana Tkach who brought so much creativity to the shoot it was absolutely mind boggling.
This gal could make accessories out of the most unexpected items and had very original makeup ideas.


Q. The process for creating your work:

I have so many ideas that I want to shoot, it’s hard to keep up! I always create a moodboard that can be discussed with the team before honing it in.
Once the concept has been narrowed down and the team is happy, we start to prepare with props, clothing and models.



Q. The equipment you used:

For these shots I used a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 50m lens, with a Canon 580 EX II through a beauty dish.

You can fin Nicoles work at her website  or Facebook page




Emily Parsons

Photos and words used with permission of Nicole Luneburg 


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