Photos In Color is excited to have this exclusive interview with the hugely talented advertising and commercial photographer Bjoern Ewers. Find out how he got into photography, his style and how he creates his colourful works of art.

Hi Bjoern, Could you tell me how you got into photography?

I was asked by my parents what my wishes were for my birthday gift. My wishes were either a Sony Playstation or an analog Canon SLR, thank God it was not a Playstation 🙂 Thats how it all started.

Where are you based now?

I grew up in the south of Germany, now based in Kreuzberg, Berlin.


Bjoern Ewers NYC

Bjoern Ewers NYC


How wonderful, I used to live there back in 2011 and loved it. How would you describe your current work?

My personal work is focussed on saturated, colorful images that have some dynamic to them. Before I started with with photography I was in a Graffiti crew and this work was colourful, very dynamic and pushing me to the limit as well. When I look at some of my pictures today, I see similarities and my creative history in an abstract way.

How do you choose your setup and location?

Usually there is a visual concept first, then I decide what suits the concepts best, either studio or location.

On the Yoga shoot (Yogatothecore) I had planned a shoot on a rooftop, but on the shooting day I switched and invited the model to come to my studio and cancelled the other location. Why? I don’t know, it was a gut feeling. It was the perfect decision.

Bjoern Ewers Yoga


You use a lot of post production in your work can you tell me about this?

Yes, at the end there is a lot of Photoshop work. Sometimes I say ‘A Shoot is just a rough scribble of a final picture’, the final work starts in Photoshop. Maybe a lot of photographers hate me for that way of thinking.

What advise would you give someone wanting take photos in your style?

Don’t spend time photographing my style. Spend your time to experimenting to find out out what suits you best and try to cultivate an environment where mistakes can grow.
Your decision and why you made it that way, is you knowing why the other way was wrong. In my opinion, this is the best way to learn.

Bjoern Ewers Paper Plane

Bjoern Ewers paper Plane

Bjoern Ewers Paper Plane


What inspires you?

I’m inspired by a lot of illustration, graphic design, music and ordinary things around.

Do you have a favourite photograph?

I dont have an all time favorite photograph. Every work I do becomes old and stands for it’s time and my personal progress at that time.

What equipment do you use?

Usually I shoot with a Phase One medium format camera with a 40+back. Profoto strobes and I’m still working on an old 4 year 17“ Macbook Pro and a Wacom tablet.


Bjoern Ewers

Bjoern Ewers


The quick fire Questions

Dogs or cats? Cats

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise

Coffee or Water? Coffee

Men or Women? Women

Night in or Night out? Night out

Fruit or Chocolate? Fruit with chocolate

Favourite band/musician right now? John Frusciante / Ex-guitar player from Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favourite Food? Vegetarian

Most exciting city you have visited (this ones hard)? Berlin 🙂

One thing you never leave out of your camera bag (not camera hahaha): Quick-release plate


Bjoern Ewers Run

Bjoern Ewers Run


How can we find your work?



Cosmopola (Agent)


Bjoern Ewers

Bjoern Ewers

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[Story and Photos used with permission of Bjoern Ewers]



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