Storage for photographers is really important and a NAS hard drive is definitely the way to go. In this video I explain the differences between Hard. drives, NAS and clod storage. ai also introduce the awesome CAT DRIVE, a 1TB NAS HD.

CatDrive By Halos

The CatDrive, developed by the software company Halos, is the companies newest product for data storage. The Hard Drive boasts a variety of innovative features that make it easy for users to access files. You are able to store your date both locally and privately with multiple users. The CatDrive is accessible from any mobile device as well as home devices, allowing you to access your files anywhere. The CatDrive also ensures security of your files with SMS verification and shockproof design. The only fault of the hard drive would be the fact that it only stores 1TB. Due to lack of storage, running a large business from this Hard Drive isn’t ideal, however for a photography business or home setup this is a great innovation!

Private and Local Storage.
Mobile access
Multiple Users
One time purchase of $149
Multiple Device Access

Only 1 TB

Find out more about the CAT DRIVE here –


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