In this video tutorial I show you how you can quickly and easily add great lens flares to your images without the use of photoshop or expensive filters. 

10 Steps To Create Lens Flare in Lightroom

  1. Enter the Develop Module in Lightroom
  2. Firstly edit the photo of choice to make sure it has the correct exposure and coloring
  3. Select the pen too from the top right (Under the Histogram)
  4. Set the exposure to around +3.0
  5. Set the Flow to around 80 and the flow to 15
  6. Use a large brush to add the lens flares to the image. Build up the strength of the flare buy clicking multiple times
  7. change the size of the brush whilst moving across the image
  8. Edit the shadows and highlights siders to bring back and detail
  9. Change the colour of the flare by selecting different colours in the side panel
  10. Repeat using different colours and sizes to create the series effect.

Watch the video below to see how do it in just a couple of minutes.

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Here are the original files from this tutorial So you can have a go yourself.
Lens Flair-2Lens Flair-1-2


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