Why Monitor CALIBRATION important – Tested and Explained

If your photos look different when printed, viewed online or on your computer? Here’s why, the monitor you are editing on probably is calibrated. Every company, screen, age, editing ambient lighting will give different results to your monitor color. This is why we need to calibrate our monitors.

So what is the importance with color and monitor calibration. There is a standard for color and its called ICC. Although color calibration on monitors change the ICC profile does not. This means its a perfect reference for color so you are able to make you photos look the best possible. I tested the Spyder5 from data color and the results were pretty awesome.

Check out the Spyder5 monitor calibrator here

I did two separate tests. Firstly I took 3 uncalibrated monitors and tempted to edit the same photo. To my eyes the edited image looked exactly the same on each of the monitors side by side. But when I took the images and placed them side by side the results were phenomenal. the images look like they were edited completely differently. Check out the image below.

The next thing I did was test to see if I could actually calibrate al of the monitors and have them look the same side by side. For this test I used the exact same image and placed it on the monitors. You can see that before they are calibrated they look completed different.  I took a photo of each of the monitors in full manual mode so the settings are the same for each one.

Then I calibrated the monitor using the Spyder5 from datacolor. It was super easy to do, I installed and ran the software and that was it. it then created a profile on each of the 3 monitors. Now side by side the looked identical. The results went far beyond my expectations. I didn’t think it was going to do such a great job. The photos below speak for themselves showing that monitor calibration is vital for anyone who gets there photos printed or displays them online.


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