Nikon Corporation has launched the D810 which is an upgrade to the already amazing D800. Its not a huge upgrade from its predecessor but it is a spectacular piece of kit.

I own the Nikon D800 and absolutely love it which makes sense as it is undoubtedly one of the best cameras on the market. Lets see what you get for the $3,300 price tag.  According to Nikon it has

Incomparable image quality and practical versatility

Here is my look at all the new features that Nikon brings to the D810:



It may look very similar to its predecessor but it packs quite the punch by the looks of some of the new features.

10 New Features of the Nikon D810

  • Low ISO of 64 or 36 on L1 setting (Wow)
  • High ISO 51,200 (h2)
  • Flat Picture control – Means less in camera processing
  • No D810 ‘E’ version – meaning the OLPF is present
  • 30% faster image processing with EXPEED 4
  • Raw S – option for smaller RAW files (9mb instead of 60mb Approx)
  • Group Area AF – 5 AF sensors grouped for motion tracking improvements
  • 7 fps with Grip (1 more than D800)
  • Deeper Grip – Yay
  • 9,999 images in Time-lapse mode (up from 999)

Personally I think the most exciting improvements are the increased frame rate (although will still be a challenge for sports photographers) and new ISO range.

Sample Images from The D810

These images can be found on the Nikon Website. More Photos At the bottom of this post. Nikon D810 Sample image

Nikon D810 Sample Photo


Dslr Cameras are now used to shoot films, TV shows, commercials and pretty much anything else. They have a variety of lenses and deliver great results and the New D810 has upgrades to the video options keeping it up to date with cameras like the Canon 5D Mk III.

6  Features for Video on the Nikon D810

  • Now shoots 60fps all sizes when using external recorder
  • Spot White Balance in Live View
  • Simultaneous recording to memory card and external recorder
  • Auto ISO in Manual – smoother lighting transitions
  • Built in stereo mic
  • Zebra Stripes – I love Zebras

Nikon D810 Product tour

Nikon D810 Conclusion

I love my D800 and would say that all of these improvements are perfectly in line with keeping the Nikon range of cameras up to date. It is expensive but then again this is an unbelievable camera. Its predecessor has been compared to the Hasselblad Medium Format cameras and have performed amazingly. This is an upgrade so I am sure is just even better.

Would I buy this? Yes

Am I going to buy this? No, i own the D800 and I love it.

Behind the scenes with the Nikon D810 Lucas Gilman


D810 Sample

Nikon D810 Sample Image

 Images and Information Via [Nikon Corporation]



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