Kim Høltermand gives an exclusive interview to PhotosInColor giving insights into his world of mysterious landscapes. His work undoubtedly has a recognisable style bringing simple lines, shapes, spaces and moods together to create these impressive images. 

PIC – can you tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Kim Høltermand and I am 37. I live just outside Copenhagen with my fiancé and her two children. I also have my daughter Sally. In 2007 I bought my first DSLR and started shooting landscapes and architecture and on Christmas Eve 2007 I uploaded my first series to the Behance Network – the rest is history.

PIC – how would you Describe your Photography?

Epic, eerie, otherworldly and moody.


Kim HøltermandKim Høltermand Photo 12-06-14 13.23.32


PIC – Can you talk me through your process?

Most of the time I start out with a concept in my mind or a title. I listen to a lot of ambient or electronic music in this fase in order to let the series grow in my mind and get under my skin. I then scout for the right structures, buildings, landscape or mood and wait. My trademark is fog so it can sometimes be a very long time to wait for the right weather.But when it is there it is all worth the wait. When I have the shots i go back to my computer and in post production.

PIC – If someone wanted to take photos like yours what advise would you give them?

Wait for the fog.

Kim HøltermandKim Høltermand


PIC – What are your biggest inspirations?

My biggest inspiration comes from sci-fi; movies and music. Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Hammock, Sigur Ros. I have a long list. My all time favorite photo is very hard to pick as i have tons in my memory.

PIC – What equipment do you use?

I shoot with Canon DSLR (with various lenses) and Fuji X-series.


Kim Høltermand Kim Høltermand


PIC – Do you have an interesting story of something that has happened to you?

I have never told anybody this story. In October 2011 during the making of my documentary “Outliers, Vol:1 – Iceland” I was shooting an epic landscape photo on top of a hill just outside Reykjavik, interviewing the “Ice Man”. A couple of days prior to this me and the Outliers team had heard the tragic news that Steve Jobs had passed away. Well guess which company contacted me last year and bought that photo of the Icelandic landscape I shot just a few days after Jobs passed away…


Kim Høltermand Photo 12-06-14 13.23.46


If you could photograph any person (thing or location) in the world who/what would it be? Detroit, Tjernobyl, Nasa.

Dogs or cats? Dogs

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise

Coffee or Water? Coffee

Men or Women? Women

Night in or Night out? Night in

Fruit or Chocolate? Fruit

Favourite band/musician right now? Dave Matthews BandPilotpriest (Becoming) / Ben Frost (Aurora)

Favourite Food? Chicken Curry

Most exciting city you have visited (this ones hard)? Reykjavik

One thing you never leave out of your camera bag (not camera hahaha): Chewing Gum

You should definitely check out his VSCO Grid, its pretty awesome.


Story and images used with permission of  Kim Høltermand 

Kim HøltermandKim Høltermand


Kim HøltermandKim Høltermand



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