Product photography Tutorial – Perfect LIGHTING means no PHOTOSHOP

Product photography Tutorial – Perfect LIGHTING means no PHOTOSHOP

Product photography Tutorial – Perfect LIGHTING means no PHOTOSHOP

In this product photography tutorial Ed Gregory walks you through a 4 light setup thing you exactly what each studio light does. The final edit has no photoshop used what so ever which goes to show that you can create stunning product photography in camera with studio lights.

There are many lighting techniques for photography and this is just an exam of product photography lighting setup but it gives you a great idea of how it works.

Product photography lighting setups something that can be extremely complex or very simple. Practicing product photography techniques can be extremely helpful. In this tutorial Ed gives you some great product photography tips and commercial photography techniques. If you were to get creative you could definitely do some cool product photography dIY lighting and achieve similar results.

I hope you enjoyed this photoshoot behind scenes video


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Ed Gregory

Ed is the founder of Photos in Color, Stokpic, In Color Studios and Co founder of Dance Lovely. From performing on broadway and International world tours as an actor to shooting editorials for magazines he has been obsessed with the creative industries his entire life. He says 'I was born an artist, its the only thing I know'. Ed has traveled to over 30 countries lived in 10+ and even lived in the jungle in Borneo. As a visual artist he has created documentaries, magazine covers, TV spots and countless digital publications the world over. .... 'Judge you success by growth not by comparison' ....

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