Instant Film


Presets for adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop (ACR)
‘Instant Film’ is a colorful selection of Future Film emulations that bring back the fun feeling of instant film. These are complete takeover presets that push your RAW files in directions you didn’t know possible. Serendipitous in feeling, delightfully retro in style and nostalgic in delivery these creations are perfect for fun lifestyle Photography.

Included Presets

  • Polaroid 690
  • Polaroid 690 – Bright
  • Polaroid 690 – Fade
  • Polaroid 690 – Fade Warm
  • Polaroid 690 – Fade Warm +
  • Polaroid 690 – Fade Cold
  • Polaroid 690 – Fade Cold +
  • Polaroid 669
  • Polaroid 669 – Crush
  • Polaroid 669 – Warm
  • Polaroid 669 – Warm +
  • Polaroid 669 – Cold
  • Fuji FP100c
  • Fuji FP100c – Warm
  • Fuji FP100c – Cold
  • Fuji FP100c – Lux
  • Fuji FP100c – Crush
  • Fuji FP100c – Silk
  • Fuji FP100c – Dark
  • Fuji FP100c – Alt
  • Fuji PN800x
  • Fuji PN800x +
  • Fuji PN800x + Alt
  • Fuji PN800x – Pink
This is part of the Pic Presets Complete pack where you get all 10 preset packs, the Pic Preset system and the Lightroom brushes. Bundle and save 70%.

Perfect for Portraits, Editorial and Wedding Photography. 



Lightroom Presets Instant Film
Lightroom Presets Instant Film
Lightroom Presets Instant Film
Lightroom Presets Instant Film
Lightroom Presets Instant Film
Lightroom Presets Instant Film
Lightroom Presets Instant Film


The film names and lines listed on this page are the brands and trademarks of their respective holders. None of the film producers listed on this page endorse or sponsor PIC PRESETS, Photos In Color, In Color Brand LLC or any other content contained on this page, nor are any of the film producers affiliated with In Color Brand LLC. All trademarks and copyrights are the exclusive property of their respective owners.

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'Future Film'

'Future Film'

Pic Presets does not attempt in any way to emulate the actual films or film lines listed in the titles, this is why.

Although creating super accurate film presets is a great place to start, we noticed that most people had never used the original film itself. We also realised there are few reasons for real photographers to place an image shot on film next to one edited with a film emulator (other than trying to sell a preset). Whilst these comparisons are great to show off a skill at emulating films it doesn’t help us with delivering actual photographic awesomeness. As photographers we want the very best presets that give the best results. We often desire the ‘feeling of film’, what we don’t need to be able to explain what film it is supposed to emulate.
Photographs are visual art, we don’t need words to explain that it is supposed to ‘look like film’.

There is a definitive list of films that have been created and we don’t see a reason to limit ourselves to these chemical restrictions. Adobe has given us the chances to create endless ‘films’ of our own.
We call this ‘Future Film‘. Emulators that bring the feeling of historical film but are poised for future digital success. We focus on achieving the best results for professional photographers by taking inspiration from historical film stocks to create the next wave of ‘Future Film’.

Video Demo

Video Demo

Pic Presets System

Pic Presets System

Pic Presets is not just a selection of random presets produced through saving Lightroom edits. Instead, our creations are founded on deep tonal and color analysis that brings the very best out of your RAW images.

3 years in the making, Pic Presets is the most powerful Lightroom Preset system on the market. With 196 professional presets across 10 packs, Pic Presets gives you a comprehensive set of single click presets that work with all RAW file types.

But this is just the surface. Pic Presets is an entire system of virtual layers that contain over 480 develop section presets including more than 80 tonal presets and 75 HSL color presets. This means you can select a single preset then alter just one section to give a different result.

Virtual Layers

Firstly, we spent thousands of hours working through each of the Adobe Lightroom develop sections to create an incredibly robust and dynamic set of Presets. We split this into 10 sections and call it our 10 click system. Each click alters only one section and is 100% independant of all others giving us the effect of 10 virtual layers.

  1. Lens and calibration
  2. Tonal
  3. Hue Saturation and Luminance
  4. Tone Curve
  5. Split Toning
  6. Vibrance and Saturation
  7. Details
  8. Film Grain
  9. Graduated Filter
  10. Radial Filter

The System

Using these virtual layers it is possible to create the most dynamic and precise one click presets. This is where the real power of the system works. Every single one of the 196 presets have been built from this 10 click system and been tested on over 1 million images. Each of the Virtual layers has been worked, reworked and tested multiple times to give the best possible results.

But it doesn’t stop there. The real power is using a single click preset and then altering one or more of the virtual layers to change an individual element. You could use Preset ‘CF8’ but change the tone curve to ‘Fuji 100c’ in a single click, something that has never been possible before.

With a total of 480 section presets we created over 200,000 variations giving you precise edits every time.

The Pic Preset System is 100% trackable for both you and for us. This means that as you work on an image you can always look back in the history and see exactly what preset you selected and any alterations you may have made.

Example: You use Preset ‘AF4’ and change the tone curve to ‘Fuji 400z’ and creatively reduce the situation and vibrance then you would just see SF10 + 36c + 61g.

From this we know the Following happened:

Preset – AF 4 (Art Fim 4 – Fuji Fortia SP)
Preset 36c (Click 3, HSL – Modern – Fuji 800z)
Preset 61g (Click 6, Saturation and Vibrance – ALT Muted -)

For us it means that each one of our 1 click presets are 100% tracked. We can analyze each section and see ‘why’ it gives us a certain result. With this information we can build new presets and accurately develop the system over time.

Creative Outputs

Adobe Lightroom gives us almost infinite outputs which makes it extremely difficult to get professional results. Most of us spend hours moving the sliders randomly until we get a desired result. Finally there is a system that has done all of this work for you without taking away the creativity. Pic presets gives you 201,190 trackable variations. Furthermore we have narrowed this down to just 196 single click presets. You get the precision with 1 click, the creativity with 10 clicks and the guarantee of great results every time.



To work correctly Pic Presets for Lightroom requires Adobe Lightroom4 or later.
Adobe Camera RAW (Photoshop ACR)
To work correctly Pic Presets for ACR requires Adobe Photoshop CS6 or later.


Windows or Mac

Supported File Types

Pic Presets is compatible with all cameras supported by Adobe. View the complete list here.

JPEGS are not supported.
(If you have a jpeg and you load a preset it will deliver an edit although the results are not guaranteed in any way)

Visit our Support page for installation guidelines

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