This is the ultimate in Lightroom training. Master photographer Ed Gregory has created his most comprehensive Lightroom Masterclass to date. This course covers everything from the correct preferences, key organization techniques for photography business development, detailed editing functions, techniques and examples and a clear training modules breaking every single eminent of this extremely powerful software.


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RAW Files

  • Necessary Training
  • Lightroom Fundamentals
  • Editing
  • Beginner Friendly


Lightroom Foundation


  • Class 1. Introduction
  • Class 2. What is Lightroom?
  • Class 3. Quickstart – Import / edit / export
  • Class 4. Creating a Catalogue
  • Class 5. Importing


Lightroom Major Modules


  • Class 1. introduction
  • Class 2. Library Module Fundamentals
  • Class 3. Develop Module Fundamentals
  • Class 4. Overview of other modules


Photo Editing Fundamentals


  • Class 1. Introduction
  • Class 2. Lens Corrections
  • Class 3. Basic Editing Panel
  • Class 4. Color
  • Class 5. Feeling and texture
  • Class 6. Crop and straighten
  • Class 7. Preset and sync settings fundamentals


Live Edits


  • Class 1. Introduction
  • Class 2. Live edit 1
  • Class 3. Live edit 2
  • Class 4. Live edit 3


Export and Protect


  • Class 1. Introduction
  • Class 2. The export dialogue
  • Class 3. Install and use export Presets




RAW Files

  • Necessary Training
  • Editing technique
  • Management
  • Skill advancement


Organization and housekeeping


  • Class 1. Organization and housekeeping Introduction
  • Class 2. Part 1 – Startup Photographer
  • Class 3. Part 2 – Active Photographer
  • Class 4. Part 3 – Busy Photographer


Library Module


  • Class 1. Introduction
  • Class 2. Collections
  • Class 3. Filters (Flags, Stars and Colors)
  • Class 4. Key wording
  • Class 5. Advanced Metadata
  • Class 6. Protect with text watermarks


Develop In Detail – Global


  • Class 1. Introduction
  • Class 2. Basic
  • Class 3. Editing with the histogram
  • Class 4. Presence
  • Class 5. Tone Curve
  • Class 6. Hue/Saturation/Luminance
  • Class 7. Split toning
  • Class 8. Detail
  • Class 9. Transform


Develop In Detail – Local


  • Class 1. Introduction
  • Class 2. Radial and Gradient
  • Class 3. Brush
  • Class 4. Spot healing


Working with Virtual Copies


  • Class 1. Introduction
  • Class 2. Virtual Copies explained
  • Class 3. Virtual Copies for versions


Live Edits


  • Class 1. Introduction
  • Class 2. Live Edit 1
  • Class 3. Live Edit 2
  • Class 4. Live Edit 3




  • Class 1. How to use Presets
  • Class 2. How to use PIC Presets




RAW Files

  • Necessary Training
  • Editing technique
  • Business development
  • For Creators


Advanced Editing

  • Class 1. Creating a HDR image
  • Class 2. Advanced organization
  • Class 3. How to create contact sheets
  • Class 4. How to add graphic/signature watermark
  • Class 5. Lightroom Nameplate


Library Module


  • Class 1. Confidence in ability
  • Class 2. Stop saying “Do you like my edit?
  • Class 3. How to build your style
  • Class 4. Don’t get stuck in a rut. challenge your style. make mistakes
  • Class 5. Mindset – Complete and move on, ‘Get sh*t done’
  • Class 6. Lightroom as a business tool




RAW Files

  • All Classes
  • Beginner to advanced friendly
  • Necessary Training
  • For Creators




  • ALL – Lightroom Masterclass 1 Tutorials
  • ALL – Lightroom Masterclass 2 Tutorials
  • ALL – Lightroom Masterclass 3 Tutorials
  • All RAW files from 1,2 and 3
  • 18 Export Presets
  • 2 Lightroom Presets




  • 42 RAW files to practice on
  • Download access to Lightroom Like A Pro Course
  • $78 OFF ruler price of Lightroom Masterclass 1, 2 and 3

What People Are Saying

Ed you have no idea how much you are boosting my career right now 🙂 – thanks these Tutorials are incredible!!!

Jack Hannaway

I’ve watched a number of tutorials for Lightroom CC and there are more than a few out there that are fairly high quality, though I really like the way Ed Gregory teaches. He moves along at a good clip with a useful narrative that doesn’t lose the viewer in a quagmire of minutiae. The real-time demos are easy to follow, informative, and surprisingly easy to follow. I found myself pausing frequently to try out his techniques and was pleased (thrilled? shocked?) at how reliably it worked with my own images. Bravo, Ed

Bart Abplanalp

You should be working for them (Adobe). One of the most articulated presentations I’ve seen on Photo editing software. 🙂

Julian Lynch

You have the Brains of a scholar and the heart of a teacher! Thanks Ed, well done!

Mr Duggem

Intelligent, clear and to the point. Very helpful!

Olivia Robertson

Wow, great tutorial. Have subscribed to udemy and—they just muddled my brain and confused me even more. Here you are Ed Gregory for free and I learned a lot more than the lessons I paid for. Cannot wait to see your other videos. Thanks a lot!

Rav 48653

This is so helpful! I just recently launched my photography business and needed a system to properly organized my photos. This definitely came at the right time. Thanks so much. Much appreciated. =]
Jeff Padilla

Thank you so much for these tutorials, they are so clear and easy to follow. As I complete beginner to Lightroom, they have helped me get to grips with the program so much faster than I would have done on my own!

The Awkward Brit

Your videos are easier to follow than the adobe tutorials and are far better than any others I have seen.

Thank you for your wonderful free tutorials on Lightroom. You have helped me learn the product at a faster pace and gain more confidence in my abilities and knowledge of photo editing.

David Ripani

The teacher

Ed Gregory is a successful photographer, film maker and creator. He runs In Color Studios, a premium production studio in Las Vegas. Originally from the UK Ed has photographed for major brands like Blue Man Group, Crown Royal, Diagio, Luxury Lv, Oliwer Lion , Domsky Glass and is the official photographer for world famous artist Richard MacDonald. He has grown a photographic business from zero to a six figure company in fewer than 3 years.

His stock photography business ( has reached over 1 million downloads and his images can be seen in advertisements the world over.

As a photography instructor Ed Gregory has trained millions of people around the world through his online courses. He has been featured on some of the largest publications like Fstoppers, PetaPixel, 9to5mac, CNET and Techspot.

“I get shit done”

Join thousands who have learned Lightroom from me

Hi Ed! I’m Jose, 25 years old spanish guy living in the amazing city of Berlin. I discovered your youtube channel 2 or 3 weeks ago and I just want to say THANKS for what you are doing. I started editing pictures in Lightroom some months ago, so I already knew how to use every tool (more or less haha) but you have been really the spark that lighted the fire! Your lessons and tutorials have increased my knowledge in editing, but also, and even more important, the motivation and inspiration in me. And this is in my opinion really priceless. So I feel I’m in debt with you.

A year ago I decided to start studying Digital Design, and although I am very proud of this, I have also many many doubts (it’s a four years long degree, and it’s a big economic and time investment). Why am I telling this to you? Because I want you to know, that thank you I’m feeling now more confident about the decision I made, and that is really, really, really important to me. So again, THANKS for your effort, THANKS for your time and THANKS for explaining everything in the way you do.

Jose Alburquerque

This is Freaking Amazing!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! This has literally changed how I approach my Lightroom correction.
Sam Meyer

Thanks for kicking up my Lightroom experience up another notch. Great video!
Tony Fernandez

Dude you are one effective and efficient teacher 👍

Marc Christian Mahinay

An amazing teacher

Debomit Chakraborty

After every single tutorial, I think more about geting Lightroom, and your way of explaining… I just love it 😀
Niebieskie Moro Show

I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed with Lightroom / Photoshop. This tutorial was PERFECT! Very simple and easy to understand. So very thankful to you!!
warren whitsitt

Legend tutorialist

Daniel Gibson

Nobody explained this better

Vishnuvardan Ramia Shunmugam

You are an amazing individual and an outstanding artist. I love the life you breathe into pictures and your perspective.

JorgiPie Critelli

Fantastic! Power packed tutorial..Loved it..

Prajesh Prasad

Actually the best ps tutorial i´ve ever seen

Donald MCDrive

Very unique and brilliant series! been looking for this type of thing for ages! Keep up the great work, you’re really helping us all out!

Thomas Needham

Your tutotials are incredibly clear and easy to understand! Awesome, thank you!

Tiago Ciccone

this is the best informative. simple, why/what/when/ video i ever see about this topic, amazing info thanks for make it so simple to understand the concept !!!


I have to say, I’ve used Lightroom/Photoshop for years and this one short tutorial taught me loads of things- from technique to tools (including a few different shortcuts and EVEN methods that I didn’t realize you could do with the tools!). It really pushed me beyond my “go to” practises that can tend to become ruts. Very well done!


Amazing amazing amazing!!! THANK YOU so much.
Ana Vitorino

Really easy to understand glad I found you. Thanks for sharing!
Robin Overacre

Awesome! Just awesome! Fantastic 😉

Dominic Flückiger

Ed, You an excellent teacher! Your pacing is very easy to follow. Thank you for explaining basics that I can build on.
David Roth

I’m new to Lightroom, and the course is of great help
Andy Wei

Much appreciated mate…! U are King of online education for any one for editing!!

Sujay K

This is what I`ve been dying to know for years brother! Thank you so much for this brilliant tutorial !
Joseph Klif Cepeda

Wow! Great Video, you are a excellent teacher, very easy to follow

Joseph Thomas

You came close to blowing my mind

Don Ofarrel

Beyond amazing!!!! Thanks so much!

Lessie Blue

Great tutorials, you have really taken the fear factor out of using lightroom.

Des Byrne

Yay ! another Photos in color video, waiting for your videos like i wait Game of thrones episodes.

Eren Alkan

Finally I see someone explain things in a way that everyone can understand. Thumbs up for you!

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