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This is the Ultimate Photoshop Training Course.Learn everything you need and go from a complete beginner to a working photoshop professional. Click below to visit the dedicated webpage and learn everything there is to know about the complete course.

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Powerful Project Files
This Photoshop complete training course comes with 56 project files for you to work along with. All in super high resolution and many in RAW format so you can even practice your ACR edits and full end to end processing. Everything from studio fashion portraits to location shots, stunning landscapes and even panoramas and HDR’s to practice with. There has been no corners cut with this training course and the files themselves are spectacular.
Active Learning
Watching Photoshop video tutorials is great but we believe in active learning. We don’t want to to sit and watch and hope that you learn the skills. With this course you get to work alongside Ed Gregory and actually practice the skills. Pause the videos to have a go on the same files that Ed is working on then continue the course when you have mastered it.
Use the image files to work along and even complete a number of the full projects that are a part of the course.

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Included In Your Download

This Ultimate Photoshop Training Course contains everything you need to learn the foundations of Adobe Photoshop. We have worked hard to put together all the tools you need to learn Photoshop. We don’t only include videos for each part of the course but also every single image file used. If you are a beginner in adobe Photoshop or you are not getting the results you want then this course is for you.


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