Over the next 6 months these videos will be slowly released on the Photos In Color youtube channel (1-2 per week). This is your chance to get the lessons now, own them forever and get 100% of the project files to learn along.

Ultimate Photoshop Training Course

$89  $79

This is a complete Adobe Photoshop Training Course that will take you from being a complete beginner all the way to becoming a confident, advanced, photoshop user. Finally you will understand Photoshops most powerful and useful tools whilst learning at your own pace. The key to this course is the 56 photos and project files that enable you to follow along and actively learn each skill.

It’s time to unleash your creative potential and stop being confused or intimidated by photoshop complexities.

Tutorial Instructor: Ed Gregory


Project Files



Beginner Friendly

Over the next 6 months these videos will be slowly released on the Photos In Color youtube channel (1-2 per week). This is your chance to get the lessons now, own them forever and get 100% of the project files to learn along. Get the results you want faster with active learning.


Own The Ultimate Photoshop Training Course

  • Videos will be available on YouTube. 1 – 2 Photoshop tutorials a week
  • Won’t all be available until beginning/mid 2017
  • No project files
  • No offline learning
  • Advertisements
  • Load times vary due to bandwidth
  • Unfocused learning with distractions
  • All videos available instantly
  • Super high resolution project files
  • Offline Viewing
  • NO Advertisements
  • Instant loading in full HD
  • Organised for easy learning
  • Personal Progress Tracking Worksheet
  • No need to worry about bandwidth limits
  • Watch anywhere
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Color Coded Learning
  • Like having a personal tutor

Perfectly Organised

This Photoshop training course is perfectly organised for easy learning. Watch the videos in order to go from beginner to advanced in no time. Easily find videos to return for a refresher.

Offline Training

100% offline training means you can take these videos anywhere. Watch and learn at anytime without worrying about having Wifi. This also means no load time and no ads.

Personalised Learning

Track your progress with our Personal Progress Tracking. Repeat videos as many times as you like or binge watch and get through the tutorials as fast as you like. The perfect Photoshop reference.


Complete Training

This is a COMPLETE photoshop training course meaning that by the end of this course you will have the skills to confidently edit your photos or work on complex creative projects.

Powerful Project Files

This Photoshop complete training course comes with 56 project files for you to work along with. All in super high resolution and many in RAW format so you can even practice your ACR edits and full end to end processing. Everything from studio fashion portraits to location shots, stunning landscapes and even panoramas and HDR’s to practice with. There has been no corners cut with this training course and the files themselves are spectacular.

Active Learning

Watching Photoshop video tutorials is great but we believe in active learning. We don’t want to to sit and watch and hope that you learn the skills. With this course you get to work alongside Ed Gregory and actually practice the skills. Pause the videos to have a go on the same files that Ed is working on then continue the course when you have mastered it.

Use the image files to work along and even complete a number of the full projects that are a part of the course.

Personal Progress Tracking

Learning photoshop is both exciting and a huge undertaking that requires learning many foundation elements in depth. To ensure you fully understand each area of photoshop we have created our Personal progress Tracking sheet. This keeps you on track and fully engaged during this course.

To fully learn photoshop you will need to repeat some videos a number of times and our Progress Tracking System helps you learn photoshop faster and more efficiently. Sometimes we have to watch a video 10 times and others we can learn in a single pass. This sheet makes sure you learn all areas of the course guarenteeing your Photoshop learning.

  • Nearly 10 Hours of video content that walks you through all areas of photoshop
  • Learn with the fun and easy to follow teaching style of Ed Gregory
  • Discover how easy it is to work with Photoshop layers and masks to create detailed creative projects
  • Comes complete with ALL the project files including over 50 images to work along with
  • Organised to aid with easy learning
  • Progressive learning which enables you to improve over time and try out previously learned skills in later lessons.
  • Covers all topics – Everything from Workspaces and setup to layers, filters, adjustment layers, blend modes, masking and much more.
  • Step by step guide

What is Photoshop?


10 Things Beginners Want To Know


Import > Edit > Export


Settings and Workspaces


Ways to import into Photoshop


Import to HDR Pro


Import to Panorama


Layers and Layer Masks Explained


Crop Tool


Adjustment Layers for photography


Brightness / contrast and exposure




Tone Curve


Hue and Saturation


Black and White


Color Balance


Selective Color


Layer Blend Modes


Selections and Layers Explained


Lasso / Magnetic Lasso


Quick Selection / Magic Wand


Color Range and Focus Area


Mask from Selection and Refine Edge


Full Project Walkthroughs


Color Swatches and Eye Dropper


Transform tool


Brush Tool


Healing Brush


Content Aware Fill


Clone Stamp


Fill and Gradient fill


Blur, Sharpen and Smudge


Dodge, Burn and Sponge


Text and type kit




Filter Gallery


Adaptive Wide Angle






Blur Gallery


Smart Objects


Keyboard Shortcuts



Learn how to customise Photoshop for your editing style making the learning process a breeze.



There are many ways to import a photo into Photoshop. Learn everything from importing photos to importing multiple images as HDR’s and even Panoramas. We will work with jpegs and RAW files inside Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) as well as learn the ins and outs of Smart Objects. The best thing is you get all the files (even HDR and Panorama files) to work along side Ed



These are the absolute foundation of Photoshop and learning them correctly is vitally important to your success. Miss out this and the advanced tools become a lot harder. Ed will walk you through each and every tool showing you exactly what they are, how to use them and the best times to use them. These include Marquee, Crop, Move, Transform, fill tools, brush tools and more. You’ll be surprised how powerful these tools are.



Once you have got to grips with the basics of photoshop it will be time to move on to the more advance tools. These include the Clone stamp, Content aware, Healing brush, Dodge and Burn, text tools and more.



These are a photographers and creative directors dream. The photoshop adjustment layers can be used in many ways and are one of the most important things to learn in photoshop. They allow you to tone, balance, color grade, color match and do pretty much everything to do with look and feel of your projects. Learn these and you will have a tool box of the most powerful and creative design components at your fingertips. These are the photographers power tools.



Active learning through working with complete projects will enable you to push your skills and allow you to develop your own creative style.You will learn a wide range of techniques and skills that you will be able develop into your own style. We give you the tools, you set the limits on where they take you. Learn things a detailed as the tone curve, levels, hue saturation and color balance, black and white and selective color to name a few.



Woking with layers really is the true power of Photoshop. In the course you will learn exactly what Photoshop layers are, how they are used and the best ways to work with them. You will learn a solid foundation of when and how to use them.



Layers are not just like pages in a book they can interact differently with every layer above and below it thanks to the power of blend modes. Learn when the difference between darken, screen, overlay and opacity as well as when and where these work best.



Adobe Photoshop is a powerful program that allows your creative mind to run wild and explore. Masks are something that when understood fully will be your friend at every step along your creative journey. Ed teaches you not only the basics of what masks are but also how to make, refine and use them. He walks you through a wide range of tools that allow you to make selections and explains which are the best ones for certain situations.



Here you will learn how to refine your masks by making advanced selections. Using contrast, color and focus to make a selection can help you make better masks to allow your creativity to grow to new heights. Practicing with the projects give you real world experience helping you to develop a true foundation of these Photoshop skills.



Like all things in photoshop the are a number of ways to do something and sharpening is no different. You will learn different sharpening techniques and when is the best time to use them. You will see how each of them works differently and what situations they are best used in. Practice along on both portraits and landscape images.



There are what seems to be endless amounts of things you can create in Photoshop which makes it a wonderful place spend our time. However, complex projects can take time and there are a lot of things you will do to nearly every project and many things you will repeat many times over. This is where keyboard shortcuts come in. There is an entire video walking you through the most important and most used keyboard shortcuts with handy onscreen overlays showing you what keys to press. This is a photoshop lifesaver for sure.

Included In Your Download

This Ultimate Photoshop Training Course contains everything you need to learn the foundations of Adobe Photoshop. We have worked hard to put together all the tools you need to learn Photoshop. We don’t only include videos for each part of the course but also every single image file used. If you are a beginner in adobe Photoshop or you are not getting the results you want then this course is for you.

$89  $79


46 Video Files

56 Project Files

9.5 Hours


Beginner Friendly

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