You need to bottle that zest for life and sell it!!!

Laurie Wahlig

Hi Ed! I’m Jose, 25 years old spanish guy living in the amazing city of Berlin. I discovered your youtube channel 2 or 3 weeks ago and I just want to say THANKS for what you are doing. I started editing pictures in Lightroom some months ago, so I already knew how to use every tool (more or less haha) but you have been really the spark that lighted the fire! Your lessons and tutorials have increased my knowledge in editing, but also, and even more important, the motivation and inspiration in me. And this is in my opinion really priceless. So I feel I’m in debt with you.

A year ago I decided to start studying Digital Design, and although I am very proud of this, I have also many many doubts (it’s a four years long degree, and it’s a big economic and time investment). Why am I telling this to you? Because I want you to know, that thank you I’m feeling now more confident about the decision I made, and that is really, really, really important to me. So again, THANKS for your effort, THANKS for your time and THANKS for explaining everything in the way you do.

Jose Alburquerque

Wow, great tutorial. Have subscribed to udemy and—they just muddled my brain and confused me even more. Here you are Ed Gregory on youtube for free and I learned a lot more than the lessons I paid for. Cannot wait to see your other videos. Thanks a lot!

Rav 48653

Your videos are easier to follow than the adobe tutorials and are far better than any others I have seen.

Thank you for your wonderful free tutorials on Lightroom 6. You have helped me learn the product at a faster pace and gain more confidence in my abilities and knowledge of photo editing.

David Ripani

Ed, I think your tutes are the perfect length and incredibly informative. Your light room flow tutorial is the best on YouTube hands down and has changed our photography business. I would consider your tutes better than the ones with a paid for subscription so thank you!

Marc Olivier

Of all the videos in youtube on lightroom, yours are the best.

israt rumi

Thank you so much for these tutorials, they are so clear and easy to follow. As I complete beginner to Lightroom, they have helped me get to grips with the program so much faster than I would have done on my own!

The Awkward Brit

I’ve watched a number of tutorials for Lightroom CC and there are more than a few out there that are fairly high quality, though I really like the way Ed Gregory teaches. He moves along at a good clip with a useful narrative that doesn’t lose the viewer in a quagmire of minutiae. The real-time demos are easy to follow, informative, and surprisingly easy to follow. I found myself pausing frequently to try out his techniques and was pleased (thrilled? shocked?) at how reliably it worked with my own images. Bravo, Ed

Bart Abplanalp

I am a beginner with Lr who has really gotten into Adobe’s Excellent Lr tutorials, but Ed Gregory’s tutorials taught me aspects of Lr that Adobe’s tutorials didn’t touch or at least didn’t feature upfront where they have been. Ed also showed me many tricks & shortcuts for Lr that I previously didn’t know. I Highly Recommend this entire tutorial series for the beginner.
Joseph Kulik

Great tutorials, you have really taken the fear factor out of using lightroom.

Des Byrne

Thank you for being alive Ed haha. I like how the videos are just short yet full of infos

Jp Angeles

Ed you have no idea how much you are boosting my career right now 🙂 – thanks these Tutorials are incredible!!!

Jack Hannaway

omg. you are amazing. not only are you helping me understand lightroom and other stuff, but you are so funny and full of spirit. thanks for all the inspiration!!!! :]

JorgiPie Critelli

You should be working for them (Adobe). One of the most articulated presentations I’ve seen on Photo editing software. 🙂

Julian Lynch

A visual artist and not just a “corrector.”

Matt Vargo

Ed- I wanted to comment on your LightroomTraining Module as a whole. I have just completed this series after starting it a couple months ago. I am a forty-something guy who startedshooting on film a little over twenty years ago. I’ve lived through the transition into digital photography, and while I was resistant this this for a long time, I eventually decided the benefits of shooting digital outweighed whatever authenticity I was trying to maintain.

Similarly, I was even later to digital editing, as for a time I clung to the idea that I could maintain a sense of this authenticity by only using digital images as they were created by my camera. The idea of Lightroom (specifically it’s reference to the darkroom), made me rethink this – and I started to think about digital processing being more like chemical processing in the darkroom. So I was fully converted – but with very little understanding of what digital processing was.

I experimented around with a few things, with varying degrees of success, but eventually I found your training course. I have watched a video here and there as I could over the course of the last couple months, each time with Lightroom open in the background and flipping back and forth between you and the program; pausing you for a bit while trying what you were teaching and finding my way through it and then going back.

As an old school photographer, there are still things that rub me the wrong way in digital imagery. When you “create” sun flares with the brush or “paint in” haze to create fog that wasn’t really there, I can’t get there yet. Maybe I never will. But it’s not mine to judge or determine – it’s to each of us to create the photos that we feel are reflective of us as photographers and artists. Just because something isn’t right for me doesn’t mean it isn’t right for someone else. Maybe my evolution will bring me to that place at some point; I’ve certainly come a long way from exclusively film.

Here’s the most important thing – I can’t thank you enough for this experience. Your videos have taught me more about Lightroom and digital image processing in general than I can tell you. What you are doing is really valuable: I am a good and experienced photographer who now can do digital editing when I very much could not before. I am from the old school (a good and valuable school, but with lots of limitations) – and you have successfully brought me into the new. I am amazed at what I can do with my images now, and I don’t think I would have gotten here without your series. Thank you so much Ed, and keep up the great work. I’ll be watching.

Geoff Gadow

I think you have transformed me to a kid!! Just like a kid, I wait for your Lr tutorial/s like I used to wait for a ice cream in a hot sunny day!! Much thanks and we appreciate what you do for us. Greetings from Vancouver Island, Canada

Obayed Haque

You have the Brains of a scholar and the heart of a teacher! Thanks Ed, well done!

Mr Duggem

Intelligent, clear and to the point. Very helpful!

Olivia Robertson

Dude you are one effective and efficient teacher 👍

Marc Christian Mahinay

Your content NINJA! You provide very important content in simple, short clips that we can apply right away! I love your training videos.

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Fantastic tutorial, you’re videos are informative, interesting, concise and deliver the subject in manageable chunks, keep up the good work, looking forward to more instalments

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Awesome! Just awesome! Fantastic 😉

Dominic Flückiger

An amazing teacher

Debomit Chakraborty

Thank you so much to all the tutorials that you have shared, they are very helpful to enhance more my photo editing skills.

Johans JC

This is so helpful! I just recently launched my photography business and needed a system to properly organized my photos. This definitely came at the right time. Thanks so much. Much appreciated. =]
Jeff Padilla

These videos make me so EXCITED!!! Im about to edit some pictures in Lightroom.

Art kid tek

You are a superhero!!
Sai Chandra Sekhar Dandu

Ed !!!    I have just started watching your tutorials on YouTube, and they are EXCELLENT !!!!  I have only gotten as far as #4 in your series, but that’s only because I need to watch each video/lesson several times to absorb ALL the Great information about Lr that is each lesson.  This Is NOT At All because you are a bad teacher, but ONLY because each of your videos/lessons is just S-O-O-O Jammed Packed with Very Good information about Lr !!!!   Thank You SO Much for your VERY Excellent YouTube tutorials !!!   YOU are My Lightroom Hero !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joseph Kulik

Great video, watched it once, followed along and came up with some great results – thank you!
John Richard Hayes

brilliant very well explained.
Billy Matthews

Very easy to follow along and understand. Looking forward to more videos
Andy Banham

You are just so funny and yours tuto are great!!!! Merci.
Sebastien Abramin

Finally I see someone explain things in a way that everyone can understand. Thumbs up for you!

Really easy to understand glad I found you. Thanks for sharing!
Robin Overacre

This is what I`ve been dying to know for years brother! Thank you so much for this brilliant tutorial !
Joseph Klif Cepeda

I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed with Lightroom / Photoshop. This tutorial was PERFECT! Very simple and easy to understand. So very thankful to you!!
warren whitsitt

Thanks for this. I stumbled on it and actually like the way you show stuff in an understandable way . You break it down and it’s easy to follow unlike some of the other tutorials I have seen where i’m like WTF !!! Being new to LR, I don’t want to hear music and some guy rushing to get it over with.
Dale Cowley

You are a life saver!

I have really enjoyed your video’s, your definitely my favorite person to watch. You really know what your doing, and you explain it so clearly to the people that follow you.



Ed, You an excellent teacher! Your pacing is very easy to follow. Thank you for explaining basics that I can build on.
David Roth

love your videos man, clear and easy to follow. Thanks a lot!
Martin Orozco

Learning so much from your tutorials… thank you.. I have seen every single one of them
jonathan miranda

Excellent video. Very easy to follow along with and make changes to my own images as I learn these tools. Looking forward to watching the whole lot!them
Melissa Borgeson

Amazing! I’ve been using Lightroom for ages and didn’t know you can use a curve for the RGB individually – this is a eureka moment! so cool…thanks for sharing x
Caroline Dyer-Smith

Thanks for kicking up my Lightroom experience up another notch. Great video!
Tony Fernandez

After every single tutorial, I think more about geting Lightroom, and your way of explaining… I just love it 😀
Niebieskie Moro Show

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Ana Vitorino

Your videos are incredible, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!
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This is Freaking Amazing!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! This has literally changed how I approach my light correction of portraits!
Sam Meyer

I love your videos! I watch all of them and they are the best tutorials online.

Angela Bragonje

Hi Ed,, I have just come across your channel a few days ago and must say that I am very impressed! Very clear and as the last comment below, the bright quality video work and sound definitely add to the “Watchability” .. I find the content level just right for me .. Keep up the good work and Many Thanks and Greetings from Ireland..

Hans Smits

Ed…. you are like Bob Ross with his paintings. When I us to watch him, just for fun, he always amazed me, just when he had a nice painting he said ..and some paint here… and there was an other most often nicer painting! I like what and how you explane the things!

Rob van den Wijngaart

Thoroughly enjoyed your tutorial on Lightroom. The pace of your delivery is just right and your enthusiasm infectious.

Tony Fordy

I have to say, I’ve used Lightroom/Photoshop for years and this one short tutorial taught me loads of things- from technique to tools (including a few different shortcuts and EVEN methods that I didn’t realize you could do with the tools!). It really pushed me beyond my “go to” practises that can tend to become ruts. Very well done!


Very unique and brilliant series! been looking for this type of thing for ages! Keep up the great work, you’re really helping us all out!

Thomas Needham

Your tutotials are incredibly clear and easy to understand! Awesome, thank you!

Tiago Ciccone

You have a very unique style about your presentations that makes others envious. Love the theme tune dances. I am a visual learner and your style really helps me understand not just the tools within the software but the concepts and theories behind the tools. Please don’t change a thing and keep ’em coming.

Dan Beigel

Better than the B&H Lightroom tutorials

victor humberto mariategui berrocal

This was honestly one of the best ‘before and after’ lightroom videos I have ever seen

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this is the best informative. simple, why/what/when/ video i ever see about this topic, amazing info thanks for make it so simple to understand the concept !!!


You are genuinely the best tutorialist I have found so far for Lightroom!!! You always make it funny, explain it so clearly in detail and ensure that it is easy to understand. Most importantly, you actually show us what the differences are!! Thanks so much and Hello! from Hilton, South Africa. Keep the videos going!!!

Daniel Gibson

I’ve used LR for a couple of years, but every time I watch one of your videos I learn something else that I may potentially use. Keep up the good work!!!!
Scott Odell

Thank u so much for uploading these great LR tutorial videos! It’s really helpful and very detailed

I’m new to lightroom 6, and the course is of great help
Andy Wei

That’s THE BEST INTRO I’ve ever seen!!!! Subscribing RIGHT NOW!!

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I’ve bought a Canon 1200d about one month ago and i’m following you’re tutorials..very useful!
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Best I’ve found so far. Love your work!! Look forward to more
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This is a very impressive video. Really clear instructions and advice. I don’t have Lightroom yet but I am thinking about it and will probably get it partly based on this video.

How am i only just finding out about you. you are awesome been a huge help thank you and keep up the grate work p.s i love your personalty.
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Thanks so much for these Lightroom tutorials! Your tutorials are the only ones i’ve been able to understand thus far.
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Impressive!! Very helpful!!

I love the way you present. Very detailed. No nonsense stuff
Sai Chandra Sekhar Dandu

Wow! Great Video, you are a excellent teacher, very easy to follow

Joseph Thomas

Wow! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you sir! You just solved an old question of mine on how to create that ‘old style / film look’. So this is how it’s done, uh? Curves! Simple and fantastic. Many thanks! Cheers!

Fabinho Pirado

Just paid for a days tuition for Light Room, totally confused. Found your individual breakdown videos for Lightroom Brilliant NOW I UNDERSTAND Thank you!

Peter Morris

You’re the boss!

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Super helpful, 1 billion times thank you

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Thanks for explaining this on a level where anyone can understand!

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Your videos are just what I was looking for … easy to follow and to implement. Just great, thanks 🙂

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I’m very new to photography and your videos are indeed very inspiring

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i subscribed to you channel few days back. and i actually binge watched all of your tutorials! these are the most easiest and thoroughly explained tutorials I’ve ever found on YouTube! keep up the good work please!

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Steve Kitch

The bit of madness at the start makes my day.

Rick Mentore

I follow a lot of photograph on YouTube, but I have to said that you are by far my favorite for 2 reasons:
– the rhythm of your videos is just excellent
– your work is just really really good, every photo is becoming amazing 😉
hope my English isn’t too bad, I’m French 😉

Baptiste Depaux

I have been looking all over youtube for tutorials and I have to say that you tutorials really have helped me a lot. You enthusiasm and explanations keep me interested and the videos do not become boring. Keep up the good work man I really enjoy it!

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