The 12 Days Of Photography

The 12 Days Of Photography

The 12 Days Of Photography

Everything you need to know about photography in one simple (funny) song. We all know the song the 12 days of christmas right? Well this is the 12 days of photography and yes it gets faster, more crazy and Ed Gregory has a hard time keeping up.

This might not be a traditional photography tutorial but there are actually a lot of photography tips for beginners here. The most important tip is if you are having fun you want care about the money. This is literally Photography 101 in 4 minutes, everything you should think about when starting photography in one simple song. Use this is school, use this in your classes, use this for every beginner, it will get them singing along and learning the basics of photography. these are the best photogram tips, well 12 of them anyway.

If you want to sing along here are the words. Even if you don’t want to sing along its going to be stuck in your head for days 🙂

The 12 Days Of Photography

1 – Don’t care about the money
2 – Shutter Speed
3 – f/stop
4 – ISO
5 – Shoot In RAW
6 – Histogram
7 – Tell a story
8 – Composition
9 – Exposure triangle
10 – Computer
11 – Equipment
12 – Have Fun

We are available for booking too: Weddings, Events, Christenings, Bar Mitzvahs, Breakups, Conferences, Graduations, we’ll even sing this at the end of a good hearty meal. (Jokes)

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Nikon D7500

The D7500 can almost be renamed “Nikon D500 lite” due to the 2 bodies sharing a lot of similar key features. Your resolution remains at 20.9MP for both.

Panasonic S1R

The Panasonic Lumix S1R is Panasonic’s attempt to make a splash in the mirrorless camera world. Very similar to the Lumix S1, this camera’s primary focus is to deliver crisp, clean, professional images.

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Ed is the founder of Photos in Color, Stokpic, In Color Studios and Co founder of Dance Lovely. From performing on broadway and International world tours as an actor to shooting editorials for magazines he has been obsessed with the creative industries his entire life. He says 'I was born an artist, its the only thing I know'. Ed has traveled to over 30 countries lived in 10+ and even lived in the jungle in Borneo. As a visual artist he has created documentaries, magazine covers, TV spots and countless digital publications the world over. .... 'Judge you success by growth not by comparison' ....

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  1. Brandon Harris

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial. Quite informative. Must watch.


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